Sunday, April 26, 2020

Moved to Waterloo in August 2019 - Back to Painting

Apologies for my late reporting that my wife and I moved from Ottawa to Waterloo late last summer. Since moving, I have not been able to find suitable studio space to paint. But, since the COVID-19 has raised its ugly head and I am forced to self-isolate, I have started back painting using our spare 'office' room in our apartment.

I am working on a Bible Series depicting Biblical and Spiritual topics in a 'cartoon' style that simplifies the subjects yet shows the important aspects of them. This is quite a departure from my 'impressionistic' style that I have used on my landscapes for a quarter century.

Here is the first one called "The Lion and the Lamb".

 The Lion and the Lamb (oil on canvas 12" x 16") c Ian Ridpath 2020

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Some New Paintings for 2018

I am attaching several paintings I did over the Spring and Summer at the Nepean Sportsplex here in Ottawa. There was a Spring showing sponsored by the Nepean Fine Arts League (NFAL) at which I was able to show several of these pieces.

Although I didn't sell any works, it was a good feeling to get back to painting after about three years.

Here are a few of the 2018 vintage!

Birches and Sumacs - (c)2018 J.Ian Ridpath

Autumn Foliage - (c)2018 J.Ian Ridpath

Rocky Shore - (c)2018 J.Ian Ridpath

Westpark Birches - (c)2018 J.Ian Ridpath

                                             Along the River Bank - (c)2018 J.Ian Ridpath

                                                Standing Alone Pine - (c)2018 J.Ian Ridpath

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Looking Forward to Using My New Studio Space

I am thrilled that it is only a few days until I get to use some studio space at the Nepean Sportsplex. To get ready for it I have prepared 7 canvases in our condo's Hobby Room. Up until a few days ago I didn't know we had such a room!

There is no outside light in the room but it is well lit with fluorescent lights and is very spacious. I guess it has mainly been used by woodworkers and other hobby activities. I will try to dry my pieces there but will have to be aware of sawdust and dirt form other users.

I have checked all my supplies and all the oil paints are still good (although the tops were a little hard to get off), the low odor brush cleaner is good as is the Liquin. All the brushes are in good shape as well. Remember, I haven't used these items for over three years!

Also, just got my membership card from the Nepean Fine Arts League ( and will hopefully be participating in their shows and events coming up this year.

I will update this blog when I get some paintings done.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Back to Oil Painting after a Three Year Hiatus


So pleased to announce that I have acquired some studio space here in Nepean (Ottawa) at the Nepean Sportsplex starting January 12, 2018. Can't wait to get back painting!

For those who didn't know, my wife and I moved to Ottawa in July 2016 from Burlington... now after more than a year, I am set to get back to my favorite pastime - oil painting. Looking forward to the new year coming. I will post any new paintings as I complete them.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Changing Web Presence

After a few months of having our website 'off-the-air', I am pleased to announce that it is back online at I also have several Social Media sites (Facebook, and Blogspot) for all my art activities including new paintings, news etc.

I am presently not painting as I am still trying to find some studio space in Burlington/Oakville at a reasonable price. FREE would be great! I have the remainder of my paintings shown locally in my condo building but hope to get back to painting this year.

Thanks for all the encouragement that I have received over the past months to get back into painting.

Ian Ridpath

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Move to Burlington

Finally completed our move from Milton to Burlington. It gets harder every time - must be an age thing. As I write this I am looking out our condo window and seeing a vista from south of Hamilton Harbour to West Oakville including the escarpment!

I have had to sever ties with the Gallery Upstairs in Milton and I will be making contact with either the Oakville Art Society or the Burlington Art group to get to know artists down here and to see if there is any studio space in this area.

In the meanwhile, all my canvases and unsold paintings are in storage in our locker along with my paints and materials. I am hoping it won't be to long before getting back to painting!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Winter 2013 Update

Wow - it is hard to believe that it has been seven months since I made my last posting. Time just has a habit of running away. I have kept up to date my own website (Ian Ridpath Artist) and my Facebook Page (Ian Ridpath-Fine Art Oil Painter) but I guess I have neglected this blog!

Since July I have done several paintings that I will show here and have tried several new techniques. Several paintings that I have done since last summer involve using the palette knife to a greater degree. I started a series of palette knife painting with the theme of birch tress. Some have already sold and some are still in the works.

It has been really great using the Gallery Upstairs on Steels Avenue in Milton as my studio. Hedi Nowak has been so gracious to let me use the space in the red barn to create my art works.

Here are a couple of the 'Solo Birch' series paintings.

"Solo Birch - 1" Oil on 2" gallery canvas (36"H x 36"W) (c) 2012 by J. Ian Ridpath

"Solo Birch - 2" Oil on 2" gallery canvas (48"H x 32"W) (c) 2012 by J. Ian Ridpath
There are two more in the works showing two birches again using the palette knife. It is good to try different techniques!